Posterior Tongue Tie Reattachment

Q: Is it common for posterior tongue tie to reattach? Carolyn confirmed that her tongue tie had reattached and carried out another division, then stayed with us while the paediatrician checked my daughter. My daughter had hers done at 3 months and its reattached and she is just about to turn 6 months and my mrs doesn’t want to use anaesthetic but Oldham wont allow it. The 2 Ped dentist said we would have to do exercises post surgery to help to the tongue from reattaching. And I have heard others say that it HAS to be done this way in order to make sure that frenulum doesn’t reattach.

avatarAnswer: Reattachment or regrowth of tongue tie does not happen. Afterwards it is important to stretch and massage the tongue at least 4-6 times a day for a month to prevent the tongue from reattaching as it heals. Many LC’s and Dr.’s recommend stretching of the tongue after frenotomy to prevent the wound from healing ‘down’ or ‘reattaching’.

Stretching exercises 3x per day for the first 2 weeks may also be performed to prevent reattachment.

Appropriate post op care is essential to prevent reattachment.

We discuss signs you can use to identify the wound is healing without reattachment and the various current recommendations for aftercare. The lubrication can make it easier to get under the tongue and the coating of the site can delay connection to aid in avoiding reattachment.